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Benefits of Joining the Malaysian College of Emergency Physicians (as member of the Academy of Medicine, Malaysia)

Benefits as Members of College of Emergency Physicians (CEP), AMM
(Updated May 2016)

As the main objective of CEP is to enhance and advance educational activities, ACTIVE CEP members get to enjoy the following benefits:
1.    Online Journal
•    Access to any online journal/database subscribed by College of Emergency Physicians  (subject to availability)
•    20% rebate for members who purchase pay-per-view relevant academic journals. As allocation for this benefit is limited, it will be offered on a first-come basis. Maximum 5 articles per year per member is imposed.

2.    Discounted fee for courses
•    Members are entitled to get a minimum 10% discount on registration fee for courses conducted or endorsed by the College.
o    These courses will be listed in the CEP website

3.    Remuneration for accepted abstract in conferences
•    Members with scientific papers accepted in the following two international conference in emergency medicine will receive some remuneration from the College:
o     International Conference of Emergency Medicine (ICEM)
o    Asian Conference of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) will get remuneration from College.
•     The remunerations are:
•    Poster presentation: RM 300 per person (irrespective of the numbers of posters presentation)
•     Oral presentations: RM 500 per person (irrespective of the numbers of oral presentations)
•    If a member has both posters and oral presentation: RM 700 per person (irrespective of the number of presentations)
•    Note: The remuneration is to be given only to members who will be presenting the oral presentation or who is the first author (for poster presentation).

4.    Remuneration for publication

•    Members with publications in at least a SCOPUS indexed journal will get remunerations as below:
•    Original articles     : RM500 per person
•    Review articles     :  RM1000 per person
•    Case reports     : RM300 per person
•    Remuneration will be given with a maximum amount of RM2000 per person per year (subject to changes in the availability of fund)
•    Note: Remuneration will be paid to active members who are either the First Author or the Correspondence Author of the articles

5.    Rebate for Life Membership
•    A one off 10% Rebate to Life Membership subscription to CEP, AMM
o    RM 250 for those paying RM 2500 (<50 years old)
o    RM 100 for those paying RM 1000 (≥50 years old)

6.    Immediate cash rebate on Emergency Annual Scientific Meeting
•    For the 1st Emergency Medicine Annual Scientific Conference on the 19th  to 22nd August 2016,  immediate RM100 cash rebate will be given to all active members upon registration
•    Regular announcement will be made in the college website


1.    Applicants must be an *active college members
2.    No payment will be made upon incomplete form or incomplete documents
3.    Payment will be made upon approval of college council members
4.    Payment will not be made if the maximum cap is reach per person per year of claim
5.    Payment will not be made if the maximum allocated fund is reached for the year of claim. (amount of the allocated fund may varies each year)

*Active members mean members who do not owed any financial debt to CEP, AMM and no arrears in annual subscription fees.

•    To pay your membership, login here:

•    If you have forgotten your password or if you are logging in for the first time, send your request for password retrieval here:  or email the secretariat of Academy of Medicine Malaysia at  


1.    Download the form manually from the College website (
2.    Fill up the form completely
3.    Attached the required document as below:
i.    Journal/article view on line – payment receipt
ii.    Remuneration for accepted abstract in conferences  - copy of articles or posters
iii.    Remuneration for articles / journal publication – copy of publications
4.    Send the documents to the college treasurer.




Download this page as a pdf document by clicking on the icon:


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