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Birth of the College

Malaysian College of Emergency Physicians was established to promote the advancement of Emergency Care in Malaysia. The college supports scientific and academic activities in Emergency Medicine in Malaysia as well as international collaborations that will strengthen this field of medicine for now and the future.



Malaysian College of Emergency Physicians  was formed on 10th September 2011. 31 college members were present. The election result of the first AGM was as follows:

President: Prof Dato' Dr Abu Hassan Asaari Abdullah
Deputy President : Asso. Prof Dr Nik Hisamuddin Nik Ab. Rahman
Secretary: Dr Mahathar Abd Wahab
Treasurer: Dr Teo Aik Howe
Council Members:
  1. Prof Dr Ismail Mohd Saiboon
  2. Asso Prof Mohd Idzwan Zakaria
  3. Dr Alzamani Mohd Idrose
  4. Dr Khairi Kassim@Hashim
  5. Dr Adi Osman
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