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Foreword by

Dr Mahathar Abd Wahab

Elected President for CEP, AMM 




In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Merciful


Salam Sejahtera and Salam 1Malaysia


Dear Colleagues,


It has been an honour to be elected again as the President of the College of Emergency Physicians, Academy of Medicine, Malaysia for the term of  2017- 2019. It is indeed a huge responsibility that needs to be carried out with full commitment, focus and spirit.


For the newly elected team, we shall remain focused and steadfast in achieving the main objectives of the establishment of this august college. This includes our works in facilitating and encouraging academic activities geared towards the advancement of emergency medicine.


The college shall garner the energy and enthusiasm of the young while at the same time tapping the wisdom of the elders and fuse these together as we fight for the  development of this medicine in order to stay relevant, fresh and updated.


I believe our members shall provide necessary support and input for us to lay down all appropriate strategies to achieve our objectives. The council shall steer the college to reach its intended destination, but the ideas, energy and support must come from its members.


The coming years are important for the college especially with the amendment of The Medical Act going into force which shall incorporate compulsory National Specialist Registration.  It is the duty of the college to ensure that all our voices and opinions are heard and taken into consideration and the interests of the members are protected while patients and the public are made aware of our roles and how we could work in unison to bring about excellence in emergency medicine practice in Malaysia.


I urge all members to unite and consolidate using the college as the platform. The college leadership is carrying out activities that have planned carefully for great impacts in our practice of care. After the successful EMAS 2016, the EMAS 2018 shall follow this year, bringing the fraternity together during which, they shall be indulged with exciting new updates and  advances in emergency medicine. Over the last year or two, CEP, AMM has been actively endorsing and organizing various academic activities as part of our effort to enhance the skills, competency and knowledge of medical officers working in emergency department.


CEP also will work to provide opportunities for medical officers to obtain post graduate qualification in emergency medicine, by bringing Royal College of Emergency Medicine (UK) program to Malaysia. God Willing, by the end of 2018 FRCEM Examination will come to our shores.


This co-operation with the prestigious college is not about the examination alone, but shall include various other collaborations such as research and training opportunities. CEP also has been actively advocating  advancement of emergency medicine, by providing the platform of the various Special Interest Group (SIGs) in carrying out their academic activities.


Just like the strength of a chain being determined by its weakest link, we need to charge ahead with unbreakable bond and create our future and destiny as a cohesive fraternity. With this in mind, we shall in the end leave a legacy for our members to embrace and carry on with boundless energy, spirit and enthusiasm as if this is our own form of ‘chain of survival’ for our college.


May Allah Bless and Guide Us All in providing humanistic care when it matters most.


“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack” - Rudyard Kipling




Dr Mahathar Abdul Wahab


College of Emergency Physician, Academy Medicine Malaysia


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