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National One Stop Crisis Centre Course 2015

The annual National One Stop Crisis Centre(OSCC) Course 2015 is open for registration is open now. Topics includes Interdisciplinary Perspective of OSCC Managemen,t Legal Aspect of Violence in Women & Children, Psychological Aspect of Violence against Women & Children, Crisis Intervention, Geriatric Abuse, Moot Court Trial, Self Defence Techniques, Experience Sharing, Skill Development & Hands On.

It will be held on the 23rd - 25th November 2015 at the Academy of Medicine, Kuala Lumpur. Fees for the course is as follows:

Medical Personnel, NGOs ,Law Enforcement Agencies

(Govt. Sectors: RM250, Private Sectors: RM350),

Members of The Public (RM350)

If you are interested to register please contact :

Tel: 03-2615 5372/5374,

Fax: 03 - 2694 0485 Email:

Closing date 20th November 2015

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