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New Drive to Increase Awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A new drive to increase the awareness of sudden cardiac arrest in Penang has been launched in conjunction with the 4th National Resuscitation Conference held in St. Giles Wembley, Penang.

Based on the latest findings of the Statistics Department, heart disease has remained the principal cause of death among Malaysians of ages between 15 and 64, over the past 10 years (2005-2014).

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), as a form of heart disease, has a survival rate of 1% globally, including in Malaysia. However, cardiac arrest is reversible in most victims if it is treated within minutes. Treatment includes beginning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), performing CPR well and using an automated external defibrillator (AED) when it is available immediately. Studies have shown that this treatment can double or triple victims’ chance of survival.

The Penang CPR Society recognizes that the increase of heart disease highlights an urgent need to address a disease that is very often, under the radar and attributes to the leading cause of death in Malaysia – sudden cardiac arrest.

Thus, the Penang CPR Society is collaborating with the Malaysian Resuscitation Association (MyRES) and the Malaysian College of Emergency Physicians (MYCEP), along with ZOLL Medical Malaysia, to increase the awareness of sudden cardiac arrest.

To bridge the gap of knowledge on SCA, the collaborative organizations have just launched a set of educational videos that serve as public service announcements. These videos will help spread the message through social media and other platforms. More plans on an educational outreach program will follow.

Dr. Darin Wong, an emergency physician with the Penang General Hospital, and committee member of the Penang CPR Society, thanks the MyRES, MYCEP and ZOLL for embarking on this awareness programme in the aims of improving survival outcomes from SCA. She adds, “Knowledge about cardiac arrest is critical – arming residents with know-how on identifying the symptoms of cardiac arrest, performing basic CPR and using an AED is key to saving more lives. No one should have to lose their loved ones to cardiac arrest, which is reversible, but only if acted upon immediately.”

To learn more about SCA and view the educational videos, visit the MYCEP website at, or the Penang CPR Society FaceBook page.

Scan here for Penang CPR Society’s FaceBook page:

About Penang CPR Society

Penang CPR Society was formed by healthcare providers in Penang with the primary objective of promoting CPR training not only to healthcare providers but to the general public as well. The organization’s goal is to educate and equip its community with CPR skills, in the aims of saving lives meaningfully with minimal or no brain damage. To achieve its mission, the Penang CPR Society has been actively organizing basic life-saving and advanced life-saving courses since its implementation. For more information, visit

About Malaysian Resuscitation Association (MyRES)

The Malaysian Resuscitation Association is a unity platform that comprises of more than ten organizations in Malaysia with an interest in propagating and advancing the science of CPR and resuscitation. The MyRES serves the Resuscitation Council for Malaysia and it aims to promote unity and standardization of resuscitation techniques, foster interest and promulgate information on resuscitation, create and set guidelines and recommendations for Malaysia. MyRES is an advisor to government bodies for all things related to resuscitation and serves the community by partaking in public awareness activities.

About Malaysian College of Emergency Physician (MYCEP)

Established in September 2011, the Malaysian College of Emergency Physicians was established to promote the advancement of Emergency Care in Malaysia. The college supports scientific and academic activities in Emergency Medicine in the country, as well as international collaborations that will strengthen this field of medicine for now and the future. For more information, visit

About ZOLL Medical Malaysia

A world leader in resuscitation and critical care technologies, ZOLL Medical Corporation has developed the best-in-class and technically superior products that work as a system to help improve survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest. ZOLL markets its products in more than 140 countries worldwide that save lives every day, including automated external defibrillators (AED) for lay rescuers.

Visit to learn more.

For more information contact:

Dr. Teo Aik Howe


T: 04-2225993

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