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PIAEM INTERVIEW 2018 (10th and 11th JANUARY 2018)

1. Instructions to Candidates

1. Please ensure that you come on the correct day as per instructions from EM Conjoint Board.

2. Registration starts at 0800hrs at UiTM Selayang Campus Library on the First Floor.

3. Please be in professional attire;

a. Males : Suits

b. Females : Baju Kurung, slacks, below knee skirts and blazer

4. Please use a clear folder to display your certificates in the following order:

a. CV and pengalaman perkhidmatan di ED


c. Sijil Aktiviti Kursus/ Bengkel (Pengelola/ Sekretariat)

d. Aktiviti kesarjanaan (Oral/ Poster Presentation/ Publication)

e. Sijil Kursus yang diiktiraf (ALS/ TLS)

f. Sijil Ko-kurikulum (aktiviti kebudayaan/ kemasyarakatan)

5. Please include only certificates from the last 5 years.

6. Please ensure that your laptop is fully charged when you come. It is advisable to bring your charger with you.

2. The Interview

a. 15 minutes per candidate

b. 1st bell at 10’, 2nd bell at the end of 15’

You can download the instructions and tentative schedule HERE

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