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18 th Annual Scientific Congress Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology

Patients of poisoning incidents are among the most frequent admissions in the Hospital Emergency Department. Poisoning management requires special practical skills and experience. Lack of knowledge and experience to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures can thwart efforts to save lives.

The Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology’s (APAMT) annual scientific congress offers valuable opportunities for health professionals, especially clinical toxicologists, to enhance their knowledge on the many aspects of poisoning: the effects, treatment and prevention.

APAMT 2019 will highlight new approaches, future trends and challenges in medical toxicology, especially in the Asia Pacific region, through lectures, presentations and scholarly discussions. As in all its previous assemblies, APAMT 2019 will endeavour to engage, inspire and enrich.

Registration is open.

To know more please visit the official website:

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